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The Science of Cannabis and Driving

The Science of Cannabis and Driving

This talk will focus on the current state of knowledge about cannabis and driving. Topics will include: what lab and roadside studies tell us about how cannabis use affects driving ability and alters crash risk; how does
cannabis-impaired driving differ from alcohol-impaired driving, and what does this mean for policy, enforcement, prevention, and intervention efforts; what are the most critical gaps in our understanding of cannabis and driving.

Learning Objectives:

  • How acute cannabis impairment affects driving ability – including both epidemiology and laboratory findings
  • What can and cannot be translated from alcohol impaired driving efforts to address cannabis impaired

Denis McCarthy, PhD is Professor and clinical psychologist working in the area of addiction at the
University of Missouri Columbia. His research focuses on a broad range of factors that influence how
people make decisions in the use of alcohol and other substances along with engaging in risk taking
behaviors while intoxicated such as drunk driving. He has authored and co-authored many research
articles on the topics of addictive behaviors and problems related to driving.