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Legal and Political Landscape for Marijuana in Missouri

Legal and Political Landscape for Marijuana in Missouri

Over the past 3 years, Missouri has seen 4 separate initiative attempts to reform marijuana policy. The partisan and ideological alliances underpinning these movements will be discussed, along with the distinct and separate evolution of the issue in legislative politics. Prospects for medical marijuana and decriminalization are best in 2018, with adult-use (recreational) marijuana not likely for another 2-4 years. Other states in the Midwest that have passed medical cannabis laws, including Illinois and Arkansas, offer insights into what can be expected here.”

Participants will learn about:

  • The partisan ideological and commercial movements competing for primacy on marijuana reform
  • What to expect from policymakers as incipient clinical trials begin to propel the commercial development of FDA regulated cannabis medicines.

Eapen Thampy

Eapen Thampy is a lobbyist in Jefferson City, Missouri, focusing on criminal justice reform and drug policy reform. Eapen has been working on marijuana policy in Missouri since 2010 when advocates first began exploring avenues for political reform. With a background in wine and the hospitality industry, Eapen has worked in emerging legal marijuana companies in Oregon, Colorado, and California.