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Cannabis: Considering the Lows of the High

Cannabis: Considering the Lows of the High

As legalization of non-medical cannabis use continues to be the centerpiece for state and federal debate, this presentation will outline (a) current trends in use, as a function of sex, ethnicity, and legalization, (b) the extent to which biological and environmental risk factors influence various stages of cannabis use, (c) the outcomes robustly related to cannabis use and misuse (e.g., psychosis, educational achievement), and (d) examine how changing trends might impact health.

Learning objectives:

  • Define risk and protective factors that contribute to cannabis use
  • Appreciate impact of cannabis use on a range of physical and mental health outcomes


Arpana Agrawal received her PhD in Human Genetics from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 2004. Since then, she has pursued her interests in genetic epidemiological and molecular genetic studies of addictions at Washington University School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. Arpana has been continuously funded by NIDA since 2007 with a majority of her research focusing on the genetic underpinnings of cannabis use and misuse. Arpana has published over 230 peer-reviewed publications and serves as the PI of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium’s Substance Use Disorders Site.