Touhill Performing Arts Center - One University Blvd St. Louis, MO 63121


Cannabis: Considering the Lows of the High

As legalization of non-medical cannabis use continues to be the centerpiece for state and federal debate, this presentation will outline (a) current trends in use, as a function of sex, ethnicity, and legalization, (b) the extent to which biological and environmental risk factors influence various stages of cannabis use, (c) the outcomes robustly related to…
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Getting Into the Weed: Potentials and Pitfalls Affecting Medical Use

In this session you can expect to hear about our human endocannabinoid system and the basics of cannabis pharmacology, including differing effects from different dosage forms of cannabis or cannabinoid medicines. Dr. McQueen will also talk about short-term physical effects and drug interactions, then summarize with known and possible long-term harms of cannabis.  What do…
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Beyond the Smoke: The New Era of Cannabis as Medicine

During this talk, Dr. Marcotte will review recent findings regarding the potential for cannabis and cannabinoids to treat various medical conditions, side effects and safety concerns regarding cannabis as medicine, current challenges in conducting cannabis research, and future directions for the field. Learning Objectives To be able to identify: Three medical conditions for which cannabis…
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